Warranty Period

All products available on our online store gace.global are 100% new, crafted, and manufactured from durable or rare materials, with high commercial value.

For warranty cases related to devices such as Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, Apple Watch, and any products or electronic devices within the Apple or Samsung technology ecosystem, we commit to providing full care services during the (01) one-year warranty period. For products like mechanical watches, the specific warranty period is 02 years. To validate the warranty, customers need to provide the complete and accurate warranty certificate via email to our Customer Care Center at customerservice@gace.global.

In case the warranty card is lost, the warranty will be invalid at that time. Customers can contact us for FREE reissuance by providing complete product information when purchasing via our customer service email (customerservice@gace.global) or through HOTLINE: (+84).93886.3668 / (+84).938.938.958. We also provide support through various platforms such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Wechat, Zalo, Viber, Telegram from the phone numbers above.

Note: Reissuing the warranty card will not be free from the second time onwards, and the specific cost is $50 USD (for each reissuance).

Especially in the Vietnamese market and for Vietnamese users worldwide, we introduce GACE INTERNATIONAL through Zalo OA with an exclusive brand name. We aim to build better and more perfect service values for customers who always trust and choose our products. More details about Zalo OA and the mini app of GACE INTERNATIONAL can be found here.

Please keep the warranty certificate, certification card, and genuine G’ACE crafted product certificate throughout the product’s use.

Product warranty services are only provided at Official Service Centers, Authorized Dealers of G’ACE, or representative distribution offices in countries. The warranty period for product components is as follows:

  • Electronic components (if any) – 12 months;
  • Battery (if any) – 06 months;
  • Outer casing and durability of the coating – minimum 01 year and maximum 02 years (in some special cases);
  • Cable, charger (if any) – 30 days.


We do not assume warranty responsibilities in the following cases:

  • Issues arising from consumer errors, including violations of operating rules, incorrect installation and connections, or exceeding the permissible working temperature.
  • Mechanical impact from inside or outside, such as crushed contact points, cracks, collisions, improper use, or during transportation.
  • Signs of repairs by unauthorized experts on the product.
  • Damage caused by accidents, such as fire, moisture, impact from foreign objects.
  • Use of low-quality data storage media causing errors.
  • Damage from incorrect electrical connection or use of the product with unstable voltage.
  • Damage due to the influence of virus programs.
  • Products submerged in water, exposed to moisture, or covered in dust.
  • Effects of dust, corrosive chemicals, and gases (gasoline, paint, alkali, acid, mercury, detergents and solvents, adhesives, glue, etc.).
  • Signs of electrical issues, burnt cables, etc.
  • Any changes in the device connected to the software not performed by the officially recommended manufacturer’s software.
  •  Installation of unlicensed software.
  •  Updating the phone’s base program in an unrecommended manner.
  • Use of chemically active liquids for cleaning and polishing phones or product surfaces.

In these verified cases, we are not responsible for any product defects. 

We do not guarantee compatibility with third-party programs or products, do not take responsibility for system configurations and driver installations. 

The service center is not responsible for storing information on other media and is not liable for damages due to information loss. Therefore, we request customers to erase personal data and private information before sending the product to the warranty center to ensure a smooth process of inspection and warranty. 

In case of warranty claims, please contact the Customer Service Center at the provided phone number. The delivery for diagnosis and return of the product will be done through express delivery services, and FREE delivery only applies to warranted repairs. 

Products are only accepted for warranty repairs with a fully filled warranty card. 

The item needs to be shipped to the service center with complete packaging and a valid warranty certificate. 

The warranty repair period is determined based on the degree of the fault, and it may take up to 45 days from the date the product is shipped to the service center. 

The specific time frame will not be communicated in writing in some cases.