G’ACE DOES NOT HAVE a product exchange policy.

As most of G’ACE’s products are MADE TO ORDER and NOT AVAILABLE; furthermore, these products are designed and crafted according to customer preferences, and they are limited in quantity.

Instead, we commit to providing Warranty service, product refurbishment, and post-sales technical support as follows:

  1. Hardware Warranty:

G’ACE guarantees a 13-month warranty (from the delivery date) for the device’s hardware. This warranty DOES NOT cover the screen and battery.

  1. Product Refurbishment Service:

Each received product will be refurbished FREE OF CHARGE (once or twice) upon customer request, within the period of 01-02 years (depending on the conditions applied to each product model). However, shipping fees are NOT included.

  1. Focus on Product Quality:

We focus on improving product quality and the manufacturing process to ensure that the products provided to customers are the best they can be. Delivering increasingly perfect and high-quality products is always our top priority to bring satisfaction to all customers.

  1. Technical Support and Post-Sales Service:

We concentrate on providing the best technical support and after-sales service over the years. We are ready to provide detailed information about the product and assist customers during use, aiming to build the highest trust and satisfaction from customers.

This policy emphasizes the commitment to product quality and comprehensive customer care support at G’ACE, rather than applying an exchange policy like some other service brands.

This underscores the commitment to product quality and comprehensive customer care support from G’ACE.