Luxury Phone Crafting & Gifting Brand

Established in 2008, following two years of research, development, and the integration of innovative technology into the intricate design of high-end mobile phones and luxury gifts. Presently, with over 15 years of expertise in creating premium mobile phones and luxury gifts, the G’ACE brand has become a familiar name among customers both domestically and internationally, being the foremost and solitary luxury product crafting brand in Vietnam.

Vietnam, a nation in the midst of development, offers various challenges and fresh opportunities for those inclined towards creativity and commerce. As a consequence, a significant cohort of our potential clientele, not only within Vietnam, values greatly the valuable products crafted by Golden Ace. These products not only bestow “elegance” upon users but also stand as completely distinct from G’ACE products when compared to rival contenders globally.

Our company accords significant importance to premium phone brands. These products are intricately fashioned from limited edition models of renowned brands such as VERTU, APPLE, SAMSUNG, MOTOROLA, XOR, among others.

Furthermore, G’ACE is widening its distribution network and propagating its crafting brand to an extensive range of international customers through collaborative trade programs between nations. Currently, we have eight strategic partners in eight diverse countries beyond our region.

G’ACE maintains connections and is affiliated with the majority of leading international transport companies such as DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT… Hence, we unfailingly assure our customers of the highest service quality alongside the most flawless product delivery times.